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Number of Items Found: 8

DATE SOLD: 2022-09-25
LOT#: 220925-134

DESCRIPTION: APW - New York Watch Co, springfield, very low serial #119 to mvt and case, 19j, 18S, silver OF J. Watson, N.Y. case with eagle hallmark, snap on bezel, white enamel DS dial, KWKS (a key is included with this lot as pictured), fully capped lever escapement, wolf's tooth winding, s#119 with matching serial number within case. The "springfield" was New York Watch Co.'s initial product and known examples extend to serial numbers a bit past 1000. These watches are typically stem-wind with the high majority being stem-set and a smaller portion being keyset. The present example is atypical for being of keywind and keyset form, and a partial disassembly reveals that this movement was machined in the typical manner for stemwind and setting function but given the case of this example having matching serial number and correct form we interpret that this watch was either finished as-seen in its present atypical form lacking some of its SW/SS components and with this case being its original or was converted to this form during the earliest portion of its existence with this case having been purpose-made to suit it.
CONDITION: Mvt: Running, fine-plus cosmetic mvt condition overall, upper plates with some scattered spots and fine to micro-fine scratches, dial plate with some scratches around dial pin position near escape wheel, larger winding wheel is missing a tooth but winding function is unaffected, smaller winding wheel with some pitting and evident polishing of its surface, regulator with some oxide; dial with scattered outer chapter hls and fractures, hls within seconds-register, small chip at center of seconds-register, small edge nick under bezel at 6:30; excellent hands, some finish loss to spade of minute, mild bend to tip of minute; case shows little wear, an attractive acquired patina, cuvette with many fine to micro-fine scratches from past key slips, some dings to lower rear perimeter, mild ding above-right of center rear which is more evident to inner surface of lid, scattered small nicks to band, good engine turning detail with some reduction at shoulder; tight bow; thick glass crystal with scattered scratches.
PRICE SOLD: $2,200

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DATE SOLD: 2021-12-09
LOT#: 211209-239

DESCRIPTION: APW - New York Watch Co, springfield, low serial #524, 19j, 18S, HC model mvt in sidewinder orientation in nickel OF display recase, white enamel DS dial, SW-pin-set, fully capped lever escapement, wolf's tooth winding, s#524. A scarce high grade early watch, the "springfield" was New York Watch Co.'s initial product and known examples extend to serial numbers a bit past 1000. The majority of these watches were stem-setting, and a smaller fraction were keyset. The pin-setting of this example with detent screw at the edge of the main plate is atypical and we suspect is a post-production modification, though we have not disassembled to inspect internally.
CONDITION: Mvt: Running, excellent cosmetic mvt condition overall, crown wheel missing a single tooth which is not causing any meaningful issue with winding function, plates with few fine to micro-fine scratches, small marring around stem detent screw and setting mechanism detent screw, circular depression around escape jewel setting; dial with scattered hls, numerous scattered small edge chips; nearly mint hands; case shows light wear, scattered small nicks, no dents or dings; tight bow, crown shows light wear; good glass front crystal, clean plastic rear crystal.
PRICE SOLD: $1,300

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DATE SOLD: 2020-08-20
LOT#: 200820-68

DESCRIPTION: PW mvt lot (7) American and European, OF model mvts, white enamel DS dials, five run - [1 to 5] American, railroad grades, makers include two Waltham, one Hamilton, one Elgin and one Hampden, four 21J, one 19j, 18S, one missing its seconds-hand but with seconds-hand post (fourth wheel arbor) present, SW-LS, all run though one (Elgin) is ticking sluggishly. [6, 7] European, C.H. Meylan, Brassus, smaller mvt marked for retailer Woods & Co of springfield, Massachusetts, 20/21J and 17J, 43mm and 39mm, one missing all hands and its posts for hands are present but rusty, lever escapements with one fully capped, fausses-cĂ´tes pattern damascene, both NR, both fully wound, larger mvt with likely broken balance staff and some rust to steelwork in areas, smaller mvt will tick with a twist and excess pressure held at crown but has a repaired fracture to its balance cock with visible lead solder and with what appears to possibly be a small plate inserted to brace the underside of the balance cock though we have not disassembled to inspect further and mvt is also missing its regulator spring.
CONDITION: Multiple lots sold as-is, no further condition report available.

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DATE SOLD: 2019-09-26
LOT#: 190926-69

DESCRIPTION: Mvt only - Hampden, E.W. Bond, springfield, Mass, 19j, 16S, white enamel SS dial with attractive monogram signature of some combination of J.C.P. initials, SW-LS, lever escapement with capped escape wheel, nickel damascene, s#9291. A rare high grade early movement, the E.W. Bond was created by Hampden utilizing 3/4 plate model New York Watch Co. materials.
CONDITION: Mvt: Running, excellent cosmetic mvt condition overall, scattered fine scratches, few specks of oxide to regulator; dial has large edge flake at 5, faint hls at 6 and at 7, few scattered fine surface scratches, and few scattered tiny edge flakes; excellent hands.
PRICE SOLD: $1,100

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DATE SOLD: 2019-06-02
LOT#: 1901-433

DESCRIPTION: Mvt only - New York Watch Co, serial #6, springfield, 19j, 19S, HC model mvt, white enamel DS dial, SW-SS, fully capped lever escapement, wolf's tooth winding, gilt mvt, s#6. A very rare opportunity for the collector to own a single digit serial numbered watch from a notable American maker. While this example is currently needing some restoration, its combination of rarity and substantially low serial number makes it very much deserving of this effort. CONDITION: Mvt: NR, likely broken balance staff, missing and broken pieces, fully wound, setting mechanism untested, overhaul needed...
CONDITION: Mvt: NR, likely broken balance staff, missing center wheel arbor, missing steel escutcheon and square above center wheel arbor, missing screw which secures hairspring stud, broken fourth wheel arbor, missing a jewel setting screw on lever, one jewel setting screw missing half its head on escape wheel jewel setting, fully wound, setting mechanism untested, overhaul needed, a partial disassembly reveals matching s#6 on underside of balance cock and underside of balance wheel spar (arm), no visible s# to visible portion of pillar plate when dial was removed, fine cosmetic mvt condition overall, spot on plate near fourth wheel jewel setting, gilt plates with darkened tone, some scattered fine scratches and spots; dial with several chips in center section bordering the seconds-register, some scattered edge flakes and small chips, some scattered hls; hands are missing, seconds-hand post (fourth wheel arbor) is broken.
PRICE SOLD: $1,100

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DATE SOLD: 2019-02-14
LOT#: 190214-130

DESCRIPTION: PW lot (4) Illinois, men's dress watches, SW-LS, nickel damascene, three run or tick sluggishly - [1] "Washington Watch Co, Army & Navy" marked mvt, 19j, 12S, HC model mvt cased in sidewinder orientation in a nickel OF display recase, metal "Illinois" marked dial is likely an aftermarket product, s#2260973, ticking sluggishly, the 12 size 19 jewel hunting case Army & Navy movement is rare with a total production believed to be only 170 made per the website of Illinois Watch Co. 12 size researcher Jim Carroll. [2] Illini, Grade 538, 21J, 13S, gold-filled OF case shows light wear and shallow denting of rear, bow is a white metal replacement with a small bit of gold-plate remaining in portions, metal dial is cosmetically near mint but may be refinished, s#3649925. [3] Grade 509, 21J, 14/12S, gold-filled OF case with cuvette marked "The springfield Watch," case shows medium wear, a slight compression type dent at center rear, some scattered dings or nicks to band, metal dial with unusual and very attractive ornate engraving detail, s#2585560, running. [4] "Washington Watch Co., Senate" marked mvt, 17J, 12S, gold-filled HC recase shows medium to ample rear, dent to upper rear, front opens wide of 90 degrees, white enamel SS dial with numerous hls in visible portion, s#1749474, NR, likely bad balance staff and/or balance jewel(s), missing a plate screw, screw on larger winding wheel has a broken head.
CONDITION: Multiple lots sold as-is, no further condition report available.

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DATE SOLD: 2016-10-02
LOT#: 1602-237

DESCRIPTION: APW - New York Watch Co, springfield, early s#310, 19S, HC mvt in sidewinder format in purpose-made OF display case of the type seen on some mvts from the Chamberlain Collection, the present one signed "H C Wing" in the surrounding ring, SW-SS while retaining KWKS squares, WE-DSD, fully capped lever escapement, 19j, gilt mvt. Wing Collection.
CONDITION: Mvt: NR, gummed to a halt, needs OH, staff & escapement good, excellent-plus mvt condition overall, a sheen of UFS visible on plate on reflection, hardly any oxide; dial with chipped edge to seconds bit, which has been rotated and glued incorrectly, single hl at 7:30, the remainder of the dial intact; hands near mint, seconds a touch short; case shows hardly any wear, few MFS, no dents or dings; bow tight, crown shows little wear; good glass crystals.
PRICE SOLD: $2,000

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DATE SOLD: 2014-09-28
LOT#: 1402-620

DESCRIPTION: APW - Illinois Watch Co, springfield, 12S, elaborate 14K yellow gold original (no other screw-marks) HC housing OF mvt, a very rare customer preference seen notably on Turkish market watches, a top-winding hunter if you will, unique bezel customized with notches as further hour markers, light gauge gold cuvette (press at edges to close only), SW-SS, silvered SSD, lever escapement with jeweled barrel, 19j, pinstripe pattern NI damascene, s#4121049. Gross weight of assembled watch 39.9 dwt (62.1 g).
CONDITION: Mvt: GRO, mint mvt condition overall, the slightest oxide on gilt whiplash; dial a nicely executed mint refinish; hands mint; near mint case has some latch wear from being snapped shut, pops open easily, shows hardly any wear to decoration, hardly any MFS, some light dents to back cover at top plus a ding to front cover, all only visible internally; bow tight, unworn, crown shows no wear, NOS rather than period; good glass crystal. Very crisp looks in and out.

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